The Last Mission Dingux SDL

The Last Mission Dingux SDL est un remake pour dingux.

Hi, everybody! Here's my replica of the classic game The Last Mission. The graphics is CGA-like 4-color, the sound is adlib-emulation. It's a pre-release version as the sound is not completely finished. Anyway, please try and test it.

Description from
The Last Mission is a side-view arcade game without scrolling (viewpoint moves from screen to screen) with map of big dimensions. The game takes its inspiration from games such as Underwurlde and Starquake.

You control a tank-like robot which can be divided in two: you rotate caterpillar and head-canyon, and the head part can fly off on its own. However,the head can only survive separately for a short amount of time, and your restart position is dictated by the location of the body, even if the head has moved forward through further screens. Therefore, the difficulty of the game was in making it possible to advance with the assembled robot's two parts.

Author/Porter: d_smagin,zear




Dmitry Smagin a mis à jour et peint ce jeu en 256 couleurs. Basé sur la version de la MSX.

La liste des modifications :
* la musique d'intro est un remix du thème original
* Ritmix RZX-50 (le mode de compatibilité A320 doit être désactivé), la Dingoo A380 et Dingoo A320e (non pas été testés)
* Pour activer le plein écran mise à l'échelle (déplacement vers la gauche)
* Possibilité d'inclure le saut de frames (Maj droite)



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