This is my clone of Marbles game. It goes like this:
On a 9x9 board you move 5 or more balls of the same color into one line (horizontal, vertical or diagonal one). Ball (or Marble if you like) can be only moved if its current location and its destination are connected by empty spaces on the board. Player moves only one ball at a time and each move causes 3 new balls to appear, except for moves which lead to completing a line. Making a 5 ball line gives player 5 points. Each additional line multiplies that number, so for a 9 ball combo you get 25 points. Bigger combos should also be possible by completing more than one line at the same time. Player can pick difficulty level when starting a new game. Difficulty is defined by the number of colors the balls will have. The minimum is 3 colors and the max is 7 colors. The game is saved on exit and so are high scores. Options don't do anything yet (they will if I feel like adding audio to the game).

It appears it also works on OD.

Arrows - move cursor
A (d on windows) - select ball/confirm move
B (s on windows) - cancel
Start (enter on windows) - go to menu

Author/Porter: Poligrafowicz




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