Mass Blaster!

Shonumi a réalisé le portage de son propre jeu "Mass Blaster!" sur dingux.

Hello everyone, this is my first time on the Dingoo Scene. I finally managed to complete my first game for Windows and Linux, and now I'm done porting it to Dingux. The source code (GPL'ed) is included with the download, and the sounds and music are under Creative Commons Licenses; feel free to reuse them if you like them. Hope you guys enjoy it!

Enter Mass Blaster!, a Dual Ship Shoot'em Up game where you need to control two ships simultaneously in order to win. Both ships cannot take damage, because the real focus is on coordination, accuracy, and skill. The game is kinda short at only 10 levels, but it's meant to provide a unique challenge to players, especially on the higher difficulties. I tried to keep the experience true to the desktop versions. Stages 1-9 require players to clear a certain amount of enemies out of 100 in order to advance, while the last stage is a hyper-mode battle where 200 enemies appear. Lasers for both ships are automatically upgraded every time 100 enemies are destroyed, and there are a total of six laser upgrades.

Simply copy the MassBlaster directory to your SD card on /local/games. After booting, press Select and use GMenu2X's scanning ability to find the program. It should be under "found dge" section. Move the cursor over to the MassBlaster icon and press Start. You can edit its settings and move the icon over to the "Games" section. Be sure to change the clock rate to at least 400Mhz for smooth performance. Dunno if this will work on OpenDingux.


-On the title screen-

A Select Easy Difficulty
B Select Medium Difficulty
X Select Hard Difficulty
Y Select Damn Difficulty

-Main Game-
Down Fire Trigerus Shot
Left Move Trigerus Left
Right Move Trigerus Right

B Fire Pythagora Shot
Y Move Pythagora Left
A Move Pythagora Right

R Instantly Return To Title Screen During Gameplay - Return To Title Screen After Game Is Beaten
Start Pause Game
Select Exit Game - Kills Program Instantly

-Retry screen- A Retry Previous Level
B Quit Current Game




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