2H4U est un portage réalisé par z_man3007 pour dingux. 2H4U est un jeu open source qui est un mix entre Tetris et Wall breaker.

2H4U, which stands for Too Hard For You, is an open source game, and a mix between a Tetris-like game and a wall breaker. It requires good reflexes, coordination, and ambidexters should have some advantages.
Will 2H4U be too hard for you ?

D-pad --- To move the wall braker Left and Right
R Shoulder --- To move the Tetris blocks to the Right
L Shoulder --- To move the Tetris blocks to the Left
A Buttons --- makes the blocks fall fast
B Button --- To flip blocks
Y Button --- Pause
Start Button --- Start Game
Select Button --- Return to the main menu during game play and EXIT




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